If you’re under 18 and coming without a parent or guardian please   Print Out and fill out this waiver prior to arriving. Must Have All Signature If you’re under 14 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Thank You Escape Depot

Copy And Print

                                                             jOUVENILE  WAIVER

                                                               The Escape Depot

I do not hold The Escape Depot, employees, or property owner responsible for any peresonal injury or personal property  damage / loss now or the future for myself and / or said minors.  

I understand while in the escape room that i am being recorded along with all other players. i also understand that the recording along with pictures taken can and will be used for promotional purposes only. 

 I understand that i alone am responsible all damages done while in the escape room by myself and / or said minors.   

By signing this i also agree to refrain from any and all accessive language. if The Escape Depot feels that i am under the influence or disorderly at any time while on premisis. i will be asked to leave or escorted off of the property.

 minor 1 _________________________________________     birthdate________________

minor 2 _________________________________________     birthdate _________________ 

minor 3 _________________________________________     birthdate________________

minor 4 _________________________________________     birthdate________________

Parent / guardian print name _________________________________   Date   /   /               phone # ________________    

signature ______________________                                Thank You The Escape Depot LLC.